While doing pipeline work in the field, I quickly realized I needed a BIG, heavy-duty umbrella that wouldn’t break when I needed it most. I decided the best way to get the umbrella I wanted was to design it and make it myself. So Pipeliners Cloud was born, and it's been a win-win for everyone.



Pipeliner’s Cloud is 100% welder owned and operated. Our company was founded on the goal of bringing innovative products that provide real value to the marketplace. We are welders with a focus in research and development, backed by second-to-none customer service! Bring us your ideas! We are small enough to listen, but big enough to deliver!

Pipeliners Cloud delivers the best welding helmets and welding umbrellas on the market. With a team of pipeline welders at the helm, we’ve always had a consumer-first mentality. Explore dozens of high-end welding products today.

The Pipeliners Cloud umbrella was designed with heavy-duty materials that allow them to withstand wind speeds of up to 60mph. These umbrellas for welders can also double as patio umbrellas, beach umbrellas, or even boat umbrellas. Our collection of premium welding helmets are some of the lightest carbon fiber Hoods on the market. Choose from sugar scoop, chopped top, and pancake style welding hoods in a variety of colors and styles. You can also pair your welding Hood with a Cary inspired  Softest welding cap that is both absorbent and breathable while you’re working.

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