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Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods

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Ordered eagle vision lens and hood fastners, arrived a day early. Lens is better than my arc one. Fastners replace the stock plastic and kept hood from falling down every time I bend over. I was able to text with Katy and add items to order before shipment. Katy was very helpful.

-Google Review

I’ve bought many welding caps before buying the Cary Inspired caps from these guys. You can’t beat the quality, comfort or price of their caps. And the shipping is fast! I also bought a set of the aluminum welding hood fasteners and they are superb to those of any others I’ve bought previously. Thanks for an awesome product pipeliners cloud!

-Google Review

So let me just share my experience with Pipeliners Cloud as of this weekend. I ordered a few items from them, without realizing I ordered a piece I didnt really need and being an 'in touch' company as they are, they quickly emailed me to let me know where I may have over ordered!!!! What other company does THAT for their customers?!?!? In any case of course what Im getting back is still going to save up for my slamma jamma umbrella holder next!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I Love it. Keep up the great work folks and let others know about this awesome company!

-Google Review

All the field mechanics at my company and even the welders are jealous of my unbreakable umbrella. Company refused to buy quality umbrellas for us to use so i bought my own. Not only are they pipeline tough they are mechanic tough. Spends on average 8 hours a day hanging from a crane.

-Google Review

The absolute best umbrella hands down. I could not see workin with out my cloud. The way it sheds wind on breezy days, is second to none. Thick heavy duty canopy to last for years. Iv had many umbrellas from other company’s and I have had to get new ones every year. I don’t see that happening with this one. Very well built. I can’t say enough good stuff about the cloud.

-Google Review

Awesome company and great high quality umbrellas and caps use them every day, customer service top notch 100% have recommended to multiple friends and they love there's as much as me !!!!

-Google Review

NO CONEHEADS HERE! Believe the hype, straight out the package they fit like a glove. Thanks again guys, keep being the change we need, sincerely a satisfied welder.

-Google Review

This is the best product I have ever used. Absolutely the best umbrella I have ever owned and I have had another name brand umbrella. It doesn't even come close. Great job on making a awesome product for us working heavy equipment field service techs. Thanks

-Google Review

Just get my 10’ camo umbrella, heavy but the best built umbrella I’ve ever bought. It covers the entire bed of my truck. I’m not a pipe liner but I’m a well head welder so I spend a little time at the back of my truck while I wait for the roughnecks to do their thing. I mounted my storage tube ( sticker showing) so I can help advertise.
Great umbrella, worth the money

-Google Review

Sun, Wind, Rain Or Snow

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Instructor Appreciation Hood Giveaway!
We would like to say a Big Thank You to all the Welding Instructors out there teaching the Future Generation of Welders. 🤝
As a small token of our appreciation we would like to donate 1 or 2 hoods per week to any verified Welding Instructor here in the United States.
If you want to be part of our appreciation give back please reach out-Email: instructorappreciation@pipelinerscloud.com
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