Welding Hood Accessories

Welding Hood Accessories

Create your own custom welding hood at Pipeliners Cloud.

Our website offers a multitude of welding hood accessories for welders to explore. These welding hood parts are a combination of functional and unique additions that will make your welding mask stand out from the crowd. If any part of your custom welding hood is damaged, you can also shop for new welding hood replacement parts. If you have stripped out fasteners, there are multiple styles of custom aluminum fasteners. Welders that are searching for new welding lenses will be able to find a combination of both clear lenses and polarized auto lenses for their custom welding mask. If you're looking for welding hood fasteners, we offer multiple styles, including a one-of-a-kind “Lucky 7 Dice” design. Alternatively, you can also add Pipeliners Cloud themed vinyl stickers to your helmet, or share them with coworkers.

For all of your welding hood accessories and parts, shop with Pipeliners Cloud.


What are some must-have welding accessories?

Some of our most popular welding hood parts at Pipeliners Cloud are our various lenses and our assortment of hood fasteners. Different [welding lenses](https://shop.pipelinerscloud.com/collections/eagle-vision-welding-lens) are important for different types of welds while fasteners keep your gear on tight while working. Be sure to check out all of our products to learn more.

What shade of lens is best for MIG welding? For stick welding?

Mig welding requires a slightly higher grade lens to withstand the radiation. Most professionals will use 10 to 12 for MIG welding, though it will depend on the materials used. Similarly, the specific shade of lens for stick welding will depend on the welding parameters, but is often in the same range as MIG welding.

What are welding hood fasteners made of?

At Pipeliners Cloud, we go out of our way to create high-quality hood fasteners that are built to last. Our selection of custom aluminum fasteners are designed to replace the cheap plastic ones that come with all styles of welding hoods. Aluminum fasteners have corrosion resistance and increased durability. At Pipeliners Cloud, we’re the only company that includes aluminum fasteners with all of our hoods.

What are the differences between the welding headbands and “Back to Life” headbands?

Pipeliners Cloud offers several styles of welding headbands for you to customize your welding hood. Our welder made leather headbands are for the front of your helmet and provide additional comfort while working. The Back to Life Headgear Band is a replacement band that fits most hood headgear and “brings to life” the old head gear if the ratchet breaks. The Pancake Hood Headband is specifically designed for [pancake welding hoods.](https://shop.pipelinerscloud.com/collections/carbon-fiber-pancake)

Which welding hoods are the front-flip adaptors compatible with?

The Weld Tube Clip-On Flip Front Adaptor is designed for our carbon fiber welding hoods from Pipeliners Cloud and other fiber-metal Pipeliner welding hoods (it is not compatible with our Finer Pipeliner Welding hood).

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