Cool Back Work Shirts

Cool Back Work Shirts

Order Cool Back breathable work shirts today.

Created with all tradesmen in mind, our Cool Back breathable work shirts help keep you cool on the job while providing the rugged durability you expect from a dependable work shirt. Cool Back shirts include our “Patent Pending” combination of heavy-duty cotton fabric in the front, sleeves, upper back shoulders, and high-performance breathable fabric in the back, for a shirt that can perform like a welding shirt, while keeping you fresh from the welding heat. 

These ventilated shirts are meant for tradesmen of all sorts and those who want more breathability in their workwear while keeping the toughness and protection of traditional work shirts. With features like, reinforced stitching, pre-shrunk cotton, pearl snaps, and a durable pen pocket, these ventilated long sleeve shirts can hang with the best of them. Order your Cool Back shirt today!

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