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Welding hoods, sometimes called welding masks, are an essential piece of protective headgear worn by welders during welding operations. A high-quality welding hood can protect the welder's face from the intense light, sparks, and heat generated during a weld. These full-face protective shields also provide plenty of visibility to the wearer while at work. By adding on any of your favorite welding hood accessories, you can also customize your hood to suit your style.

Pipeliners Cloud offers dozens of different types of welding hoods designed by former welders. Available in our store, you’ll see a combination of carbon fiber welding hoods and polymer fiber welding hoods. Each hood comes in multiple styles, including sugar scoop, chopped top, chopped bottom, trimmed bottom, and more. If you’re looking for a welding hood that meets safety standards and provides adequate protection, look no further!

We offer second-to-none, A-1 quality. Real Products by Real Welders.

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