Pipeliners Cloud Fixed Shade Lens

Pipeliners Cloud Fixed Shade Lens

Introducing our El Azul fixed Shade Dark Blue lens and its lighter counterpart, El Azulito – the dynamic duo of welding lenses. These lenses, crafted for clarity and precision, redefine your welding experience.

El Azul, in its deep dark blue hue, provides a steadfast shield for your eyes during intense welding sessions. The lens, measuring at a standard "2X4 1/4", ensures optimal coverage without compromising on clarity. Weld with confidence, as this lens offers a crystal-clear view, allowing you to focus on your craft with unmatched precision.

On the other hand, El Azulito, with its lighter blue shade, adds versatility to your welding toolkit. Experience clarity that goes beyond expectations, making it a perfect choice for various welding applications. The 2X4 1/4 dimensions remain consistent, ensuring a reliable and comfortable fit for your welding needs.

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