8' Pipeliners Cloud Umbrellas

8' Pipeliners Cloud Umbrellas

Shop for 8 ft umbrellas from Pipeliners Cloud. Welding umbrellas are used to provide protection from rain, wind, and direct sunlight during welding operations. By providing a controlled environment, an 8 foot welding umbrella can help maintain ideal conditions for welding. This can result in better quality welds as the welder can focus more on their work without being hindered by external factors. While the Pipeliners Cloud umbrella was designed for welders, they also work great as 8 ft patio umbrellas. You can use these umbrellas to add some shade to your backyard, your pool deck, or your restaurant’s dining area.

At Pipeliners Cloud, we offer several colors of 8 ft outdoor umbrellas, some of which are included in the Complete Shade System. This kit also features an extension pole, a storage tube, and a “Slamma Jamma” spike to easily stick the 8 ft umbrella into the ground. Our umbrellas are flame resistant and can withstand winds of up to 60 mph. Whenever you’re in the sun or rain, make sure you have a Pipeliners Cloud 8 foot patio umbrella at your side.

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