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Umbrella Accessories

Purchase umbrella accessories for your outdoor Pipeliners Cloud umbrella.

The Pipeliners Cloud umbrella is a welding umbrella that functions great as a heavy-duty outdoor umbrella for shade. Fans of the Pipeliners Cloud can also shop for outdoor umbrella accessories that will help preserve their umbrellas and even attach two to one another at the same time.

The Pipeliners Cloud Sun and Wind Blocker is a small metal attachment for your welding umbrella that allows you to connect a second Pipeliners Cloud horizontally. This allows you to stick the double umbrella combination into the ground for protection from the sun and protection from the wind at the same time. To best preserve your welding umbrella, try shopping for the 8' Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella Storage Tube. This outdoor umbrella storage container can hold one Pipeliners Cloud at a time, making it portable and keeping it out of the elements while not in use.

You can shop for all of these outdoor umbrella accessories and more when you visit Pipeliners Cloud.


Do I need to purchase two umbrellas for the 1-2 Punch?

Yes, to take full advantage of the 1-2 Punch connector, you’ll need to purchase two Pipeliners Cloud umbrellas and the Slamma Jamma umbrella holder, which are sold separately. The 1-2 Punch umbrella holder is compatible with all sizes of the Pipeliners Cloud, so feel free to shop for 8 foot or 10 foot umbrellas based on your needs.

Which welding umbrellas fit into the storage tube?

The Pipeliners Cloud umbrella storage tube is designed to fit both the 7'6" and 8' models of the Pipeliners Cloud umbrella. All of the welding umbrellas that you find on our website come with a storage tube.

Do I need to purchase the storage tube separately for my welding umbrella?

No. All of our umbrellas come with the storage tube. We only sell the tube separately in case your storage tube becomes damaged or misplaced.

Do these umbrella accessories work with other welding umbrellas?

At Pipeliners Cloud, all of our umbrella holders and accessories are designed officially for Pipeliners Cloud products. With that being said, our Slamma Jamma, tailgater and 1-2 punch umbrella holder will work with 99% of welding umbrellas.

How long will it take for my umbrella accessories to be delivered?

At Pipeliners Cloud, we pride ourselves in our efficiency and punctuality with deliveries. For most of our industry leading products, our team tries to prepare and deliver the order within the same day if the order is placed before 2pm. However, during the peak summer months they might ship the next day. If you have any questions about one of our products or your order, feel free to give us a call at (979) 922-5347.

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