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White carbon fiber hoods are available now at Pipeliners Cloud.

Stand out while on the job with a beautiful white welding helmet. Boasting superior durability, flexibility, and heat resistance, carbon fiber hoods are one of the most popular styles of welding hoods. Because of their lightweight materials and high durability, these welding hoods have an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Here at Pipeliners Cloud, we were the first to manufacture the Built-In Lens Box on a carbon fiber welding hood. We pride ourselves as leaders in the industry when it comes to modern welding solutions.

At Pipeliners Cloud, you’ll be able to shop from several designs of white welding helmets, including chopped top, chopped bottom, trimmed bottom, and white sugar scoop welding hoods. All of these welding hoods have a sleek white finish that adds a touch of style with a modern appearance. All of our white pipeliner welding hoods are handcrafted with high performance carbon fiber and premium soft leather. Developed and perfected by welders, you can shop for your made-to-order white carbon fiber hoods at Pipeliners Cloud today. When you place your order, you can expect the fastest turnaround time in the industry.


What styles of white welding hood are available?

Pipeliners Cloud offers five different versions of our white carbon fiber hoods. In addition to the white sugar scoop welding hood, we also offer trimmed bottom, chopped bottom, chopped top, and chopped top & bottom welding hoods in this color.

How can I customize my white carbon fiber hood from Pipeliners Cloud?

Once you order a white pipeliner welding hood from our team, you’ll be able to shop for [welding hood accessories](https://shop.pipelinerscloud.com/collections/accessories) to further personalize your gear. Some of the most popular accessories are the replacement headbands, the replacement lenses, a variety of welding hood fasteners, and of course different leathers.

How long does a carbon fiber welding hood last?

At the end of the day, as long as your welding hood continues to protect your head (and isn’t severely damaged), it has no expiration date. Carbon fiber is a strong durable material.

Which welding hood should I choose at Pipeliners Cloud?

At Pipeliners Cloud, we offer dozens of different welding hoods for you to explore. We offer several styles of [carbon fiber welding hoods,](https://shop.pipelinerscloud.com/collections/white-carbon-fiber-welding-hood) but our “[Finer Pipeliner](https://shop.pipelinerscloud.com/collections/finer-pipeliners-collection)” welding hood collection offers great quality at a low price. You can also shop for [pancake welding hoods](https://shop.pipelinerscloud.com/collections/carbon-fiber-pancake) if you need a flexible and comfortable fit. My personal favorite is the chopped bottom with a flip up, but the most popular styles are the chop tops with flip and non flip lens boxes.

How heavy are these white carbon fiber welding hoods?

Weighing only around 9 ounces, our white OG carbon fiber hoods are some of the lightest in the industry. By choosing the lighter option, not only will you have more freedom of movement, but you’ll also be placing less strain on your neck and shoulders, reducing fatigue and discomfort during long welding sessions. Keep in mind that the weight changes with flip ups, leathers, etc.

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