Carbon Fiber Pancake Hoods

Carbon Fiber Pancake Hoods

Order carbon fiber pancake welding hoods at Pipeliners Cloud.

Pancake welding hoods are a comfortable and convenient alternative to traditional welding hoods. The label of “pancake hood” refers to its flat, compact design, resembling the appearance of a pancake and setting it apart from traditional welding hoods or helmets. Where a standard welding hood is slightly more heavy and robust, a carbon fiber pancake hood is also significantly lighter. The pancake hood is very flexible for welders, as it is easy to quickly put on and take off between welds.

Our pancake welding hoods are the lightest in the industry and have excellent heat resistance, making them suitable for protecting against the intense heat generated during welding processes. It also provides good impact resistance, protecting the welder's head from minor physical impacts in the welding environment. Our pancake hoods also come with easy-to-sand balsa wood lens boxes, so you can get that perfect fit. With the industry's only proprietary attachment method, changing out the balsa wood is a breeze. Keep in mind that your carbon fiber pancake hood should be used in combination with other welding safety equipment, like welding caps. Explore several sizes and styles of pancake welding hoods when you shop at Pipeliners Cloud.


What are pancake welding hoods used for?

Similar to standard welding hoods, pancake hoods shield the user from sparks, UV rays, and bright lights while welding. This particular design is often used by pipeline welders. Pancake welding hoods feature a unique shape that keeps sparks away from your neck, even when welding the bottom of the pipe.

Why are pancake welding hoods shaped like that?

The most noticeable feature on a pancake hood is the round, flat surface. This design minimizes the distance between the welder's face and the welding workpiece. Pipeline welders that need to work long hours in hot areas prefer this design for the airflow and improved visibility compared to a regular welding hood. The balsa lens box also keeps the glare and dust from getting into your eyes.

Can I wear a welding cap with a pancake hood?

Yes, you can wear a welding cap with a pancake welding hood, just as you can with a traditional welding helmet. Many welders choose to wear a welding cap underneath their hood for added comfort and protection. Welding caps can also absorb sweat and control your long hair, helping to keep it away from your face and eyes while hard at work.

What are the benefits of a carbon fiber pancake welding hood?

Pancake hoods made of carbon fiber are exceptionally lightweight, making them more comfortable to wear for extended periods. However, despite its weight, carbon fiber is also incredibly strong. A carbon fiber welding hood can withstand the rugged conditions of welding environments, including exposure to heat, sparks, and physical impacts. Our pancake welding hoods also have a patent pending balsa wood mounting system that makes it a breeze to change out the balsa lens box in the future.

What type of welding is the pancake hood used for?

Their low-profile design of a pancake welding hood is geared towards stick rod down hill welding. Pipeline welders often use pancake welding hoods because they provide the necessary protection while allowing welders to maneuver around joints more easily while keeping the sun's glare out. Nevertheless, pancake welding hoods can be used for just about any type of welding.

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