Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods: "Lightest in the Industry"

Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods: "Lightest in the Industry"

Shop for carbon fiber welding hoods at Pipeliners Cloud.

Carbon fiber welding hoods are one of the quintessential pieces of equipment that every welder should have. Carbon fiber welding helmets are often preferred for their heat resistance and durability while remaining exceptionally light. Lightweight carbon fiber helmets are more comfortable for welders to wear for extended periods, reducing fatigue and strain on the neck and shoulders.

At Pipeliners Cloud, you’ll be able to choose from multiple varieties of carbon fiber welding helmets that have different designs and leather colors. Lightweight welding hoods with “chopped tops” and “chopped bottoms” offer a completely different style with the same level of protection to your eyes and face. All of Our carbon fiber hoods come with our custom aluminum fasteners and metal retaining clip. Buy a carbon fiber pipeliner welding hood that’s built to last at Pipeliners Cloud.


Why is carbon fiber used for welding hoods?

Carbon fiber is a durable and lightweight material known for its high strength-to-weight ratio. Because of the potential hazards of welding, such as intense heat, sparks, and UV radiation, welders need to be able to protect themselves without having to wear a heavy welding hood.

How can you customize your welding hood?

At Pipeliners Cloud, we offer several styles of welding hoods that can be further customized to your liking. Once you’ve chosen a lightweight carbon fiber welding hood, you can add different leathers, headbands, fasteners, and even stickers to your hood. Be sure to browse our welding hood accessories to see what's available.

Can I chop my carbon fiber welding hood?

Our traditional carbon fiber hoods come in five different styles; original, trimmed bottom, chopped bottom, chopped top, and chopped top & bottom. If you’re planning on using a chopped, lightweight welding hood, we recommend choosing from one of the hoods that is already prepared. You can also chop them yourself with a grinder and Metabo disc (please use the appropriate PPE).

How do I properly clean my welding hood?

You can wipe down the carbon fiber with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris that builds up over time. You can do the same thing for any leather parts. You can also apply leather conditioner to the surface to help it stay soft, but it isn’t a necessity.

How often should you replace your welding hood?

Welding hoods should be replaced if they get damaged and have visible holes, cracks, or significant burns. If you believe your carbon fiber welding hood compromises its ability to protect you, it should be replaced immediately.

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