Eagle Vision Welding Lenses

Eagle Vision Welding Lenses

Shop for Eagle Vision Welding Lenses at Pipeliners Cloud.

Our Eagle Vision welding lenses were designed by welders, for welders to provide better visibility when manipulating the weld puddle. These polarized welding lenses are available in a variety of shades to provide the optimal visibility for several welding applications including:

  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick Rod Welding)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG Welding
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG Welding
  • Air Carbon (Arc Gouging)
  • Plasma Arc Welding
  • Plasma Arc Cutting

Eagle Vision welding lenses allow for maximum visibility while protecting the eyes from harmful ultraviolet and infrared lights and fit great with our Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods. At Pipeliners Cloud, we know that you can’t weld what you can’t see, so order your welder lens today and see the difference!

We do not recommend these for use in tig welding. Please refer to OSHA Standards and Regulations on Filter Lenses for Protection Against Radiant Energy for more information on welding lenses so you can choose the right welding lens for you.


How often should I change my welding lenses?

Auto Welding lenses should be changed as soon as you notice any type of flashing during welding or if they take too long to get dark. Over time, welding lenses may become discolored or foggy due to exposure to high temperatures. If you notice a significant decrease in visibility or increased distortion when looking through the lens, it's time for a replacement.

How do you change lenses for a welding mask?

If your welding hood has a lens that has become damaged or is in need of cleaning, you’ll need to remove the lens. Start by opening the helmet and gently prying open the retaining clip. Once you can access the lens, remove it and inspect it for damage. If you decide that it needs to be replaced, insert the replacement lens into the frame and reattach the retaining clips.

How do you clean a welding lens?

To clean your welding lens, start by removing it from the welding hood. Next, take a soft cloth or microfiber towel and dip it in a cleaning solution. You can moisten the cloth with warm, soapy water or a specialized lens cleaning solution. Make sure to rub down both sides of the lens until you’ve removed all signs of debris. After cleaning, make sure the lens is completely dry before reassembling it back into the welding hood.

How does an auto darkening welding lens work?

An auto-darkening welding lens is a piece of technology designed to sense bright light and switch to a darker shade as soon as the user starts a weld. This functionality will protect the welder's eyes from the intense brightness of the welding arc while providing clear visibility of the workpiece and welding area when not welding.

What shade of lens should I use?

The most important indicator of the type of lens you should buy is the welding process that you primarily use. Stick welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding will all require a different welder lens, so be sure to evaluate your workload and shop for lenses that fit your hood. I personally recommend a 11 for most welding applications.

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