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Shop for “Finer Pipeliner” welding hoods at Pipeliners Cloud.

Our Finer Pipeliner welding collection features white welding hoods with an emphasis on style, comfort, and performance, all at a great price. Unlike some of our other hoods, these high quality welding hoods are made with a polymer fiber mix, which offers high durability and protection to wearers. Finer Pipeliner hoods also come equipped with aluminum fasteners and metal retaining clips for no additional cost.

Our chopped top, chopped bottom, and double chopped white welding hoods also come with soft premium leather in the color of your choice. At Pipeliners Cloud, all of our high-quality welding hoods are made to order. This means that you can rest assured that our team will pay special attention to your order before delivery. For the best quality welding helmets, stick with Pipeliners Cloud.


What are Finer Pipeliner welding hoods made of?

Unlike a majority of our hoods, the Finer Pipeliners welding hoods are made of a polymer fiber mix. This material is quite durable while remaining relatively lightweight. If you shop for one of the chopped variants of the Finer Pipeliner welding hood, it will also come with soft premium leather.

What colors do the Finer Pipeliners come in?

The Finer Pipeliner welding hoods only come in the white color pictured above, but there are a multitude of leather colors if you choose to shop for the chopped top, chopped bottom, or chopped top and bottom hoods. Choose from black, red, teal, brown and more.

Are your welding accessories compatible with these welding hoods?

Yes. If you’re browsing our list of [welding hood accessories]( and notice something that you like, it will fit on the Finer Pipeliner welding hoods in addition to the carbon fiber hoods. Lenses, headgear, fasteners alike will all fit right onto these polymer fiber hoods.

What are the benefits of chopped bottom and chopped top hoods?

Chopped top and chopped bottom welding hoods offer slightly more visibility around the weld. You can get closer to the weld in restrictive situations while having slightly more comfort and breathability.

Which sizes of lenses will fit the Finer Pipeliner welding hoods?

Our welding hoods will fit any 2x4 auto lenses and fixed shade lenses. You can shop for our in-house Eagle Vision welding lenses on our website to complete your purchase right away.

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