Pipeliner Headgear

Pipeliner Headgear

Pipeliner headgear and headbands are available at Pipeliners Cloud.

When you shop for a new welding hood, don’t forget Pipeliners Cloud also offers the “Back to Life” headgear bands. These welding headbands replace the ratchet on your headgear so you won’t have to worry about stripped out ratchets any more

We also have the Pipeliner hood headgears that are compatible with all of our hoods (Finer Pipeliners, carbon fiber welding hoods, and fiber metal pipeliner hoods). Don’t forget you can also shop for replacement welding helmets and headgears if you want an extra one. These Back to Life bands allow you to keep your welding hood on via an elastic strap rather than a ratchet. Whichever you think will suit your workstyle best, be sure to shop for your welding headgear and headbands at Pipeliners Cloud.

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