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Hours of work under a welding hood can become exhausting for a welder. Wearing a hard hat or welding hood while working with high temperatures calls for a comfortable surface along the front of your head. These welding headbands can be attached to the inside of your headgear, along where your forehead would rest. Once it's attached, your welding hood and welder made headband can be worn in combination with a welding cap.

At Pipeliners Cloud, our welder made headbands are easy to attach to any welding hood. Simply wrap the headband around the forehead area of the welding hood and keep it secure with the metal snaps. You’ll also notice that we offer several different colors of leather welding hood headbands. Shoppers can choose from a cream white and medium brown leather. If you want comfort while welding, be sure to adorn your welding hood with  one of our welding headbands today.

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