Pipeliners Cloud Heavy Duty 10 foot khaki umbrella

10' Umbrellas: Heavy Duty

Shop for 10' outdoor umbrellas at Pipeliners Cloud.

The Pipeliners Cloud 10’ umbrella is one of the first welding umbrellas made specifically for pipeline welding field work. These specialized pieces of equipment are used in welding operations to provide additional protection against wind, water, and UV radiation while in the hot sun. These outdoor, heavy-duty umbrellas are capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 60 mph. You can also find umbrella holders that allow you to attach them to a receiver hitch while tailgating and even other umbrellas.

If you’re looking for a 10 foot patio umbrella, beach umbrella, or restaurant umbrella, this Pipeliners umbrella will work perfectly. Even though they were designed as a welding umbrella, they serve as great 10 ft. outdoor umbrellas for any scenario. If you’d prefer a smaller welding umbrella, you can also shop for other sizes of welding umbrellas, including the popular 8’ size. Get your very own 10 ft. outdoor umbrellas for recreational and professional-use from Pipeliners Cloud today.


How is a welding umbrella different from a regular umbrella?

Welding umbrellas like the Pipeliners Cloud are designed to protect welders and their work from hazards associated with welding. Welding umbrellas are typically made from specialized materials that are resistant to sparks, heat, and UV radiation.

Why do welders use umbrellas?

When working outside, a welding umbrella can provide shade, reducing glare, and improving visibility for welders. The Pipeliners Cloud can protect welders from UV rays on a sunny day, keep the welder dry on rainy days, and serve as a windbreaker on windy days. A controlled, shaded environment from the 10’ umbrella can make welding much easier.

What accessories are available for the Pipeliners Cloud 10' umbrella?

Our team at Pipeliners Cloud has developed [several umbrella accessories](https://shop.pipelinerscloud.com/collections/umbrella-holders-1) for the 10 ft umbrella. If you’re someone that likes to tailgate before a football game or enjoy lunch from your truck bed, we have an attachment to connect your umbrella to your truck. If you want to block the sun and the wind while working, we have an attachment for connecting 2 umbrellas at the same time.

Are these 10’ umbrellas exclusively for welding?

No, in addition to all of the benefits to welders, the Pipeliners Cloud 10’ umbrella can serve as a traditional outdoor umbrella for non-welders. If you’re planning a trip to the beach, the 10 foot umbrella is a great companion. Similarly, if you’re shopping for a 10 foot patio umbrella, the Pipeliners Cloud will pass with flying colors.

Are Pipeliners Cloud Umbrellas UV umbrellas?

Yes. All of our outdoor umbrellas at Pipeliners Cloud are UV umbrellas. This can be beneficial for welders who are working outdoors for extended periods, as it helps reduce the risk of sunburn and long-term UV exposure.

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