Cary Inspired Welding Cap "Sunday's Best" Black

Cary Inspired Welding Cap - "Sunday's Best" Black
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Carys Inspired Caps
Carys Inspired Caps
Carys Inspired Caps by Pipelinerscloud
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Cary Inspired Welding Cap "Sunday's Best" Black

The best premium welding caps on the market, don't let that price fool you! Choose from a variety of Cary inspired welding caps to protect your head and neck while welding. Not fancy, just great fitting.




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Our premium colored and white welding caps offer comfort and protection while welding.

The closest thing to the Original Cary's with a True Deep Fit that sits mid-ear. Our Cary welding caps use the softest, lightest material that clings to your head so it stays put as it should! We use 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton on all of our Cary inspired welding caps for greater durability and reduced shrinkage in the future. With pre-shrunk cotton, there’s no need for special washing or drying instructions!

Quality stitching, none of the fancy stitching with single stitch on the inside. Tear one open and see for yourself! Choose from several colors like blue, gray or khaki or stick with the traditional white welding cap.

Our Cary welding caps use a 15+ year old, 4-Panel proven design with flat lay seams (6-panel myth has been debunked). 

You can also shop for our premium "Sunday's best" welding caps for those that like a little "RAZZLE DAZZLE"

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