Eagle Vision Polarized Welding Lens

Eagle Vision Polarized Welding Lens

You can't weld what you can't see. See better with these Eagle Vision Polarized Welding Lenses. Available in four different shades.



Product description

You Can't Weld What You Can't See. See better with these Eagle Vision Polarized Welding Lenses. Superior Clarity made with Optimal Optical Technology - 1 year warranty.

  • AUTO LENS Size 2x4
  • Available in Shade #9, #10, #11, and #12
  • Fits great with our Carbon Fiber Welding Hoods
  • Same-day Shipping if ordered by 2 pm CST M-F
  • For Stick Rod, they are Jam Up!

Different welding processes, such as MIG welding, TIG welding, and Stick welding, emit varying levels of light intensity and different types of radiation. Depending on the welding process, you may require a specific welding lens shade to ensure adequate eye protection and visibility while working. At Pipeliners Cloud, you can shop for multiple lenses, allowing you to switch to the appropriate shade level on the fly. Be sure to pick up your Eagle Vision welding lenses today so that you can work safely and comfortably while maintaining optimal visibility.

In my personal experience, I would not recommend Automatic lenses for Tig Welding due to the Flashing associated with looking through the Gap.

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