Welding Machine Giveaway

Welcome to Pipeliners Cloud, where excellence meets opportunity. Introducing our exclusive "Limited Entry" Welding Machine Sweepstakes Giveaway, where we're giving you the chance to win a Miller PipePro, Lincoln Frontier, Lincoln Cross Country or $20,000 in cash. We take pride in being Small Enough to Listen and Big Enough to Deliver.

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This giveaway is not your typical offering

Embracing a limited-entry model, we have a predetermined number of entries available, ensuring that once they are claimed, that's it. With one entry granted per purchase, we maintain a commitment to elevating your chances of emerging victorious.

Diverging from the commonplace giveaways that flood the market, where odds are often extremely low like winning a lottery or being struck by lightning twice on a sunny day, our unique "Limited Entry" Giveaway stands apart. The scarcity of entries distinguishes our approach, providing a more realistic prospect of securing the coveted prize.

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Manuel and the machines

Be a part of this extraordinary event, and anticipate the announcement of the drawing date, which will be disclosed once all entries are claimed. The drawing itself will be conducted live, with the welding machine personally delivered to the fortunate winner by none other than myself, Manuel.

We encourage your active participation, and we hope to conclude all entries within the coming weeks, depending on your engagement. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity; your good fortune awaits. "The Real Recognize The Real" — Real Products by Real Welders.

The Welding Machine Giveaway Bundle:

Each $100 bundle includes 2 hats and a car decal sticker, from Pipeliners Cloud. The sticker decal will automatically be added to all qualifying orders.

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Miller PipePro (CAT)

Next-generation, rugged, low-speed diesel engine-driven welder designed for the transmission pipeline contractor. Elevate your performance with Wireless Interface Control — now get full control of your Big Blue 400 PipePro machine in the palm of your hand.

MSRP: $29,449.00

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Lincoln Frontier® 400X Pipe

The Frontier® 400X Pipe is an advanced engine-driven welder/generator offering best-in-class arc performance, coupled with the latest welding innovation for maximum versatility on the jobsite. Powered by a 24.7 hp Perkins® 403F-15T diesel engine.

MSRP: $23,659.00

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Lincoln Cross Country® 300 (Kubota®)

Excellent welder/generator capable of DC multi-purpose welding, 120/240 VAC single phase, and 240 VAC three phase auxiliary power. Designed for pipeline welding, the Cross Country 300 features dual output control to fine-tune the welding arc, all in a compact, lightweight package to fit into truck beds.

MSRP: $27,237.00

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🔥💸$20,000 CASH💸🔥

If you don't want to choose any of the machines, you can get $20,000 Cash too!

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