Khaki 8' Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella
Khaki 8' Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella
Khaki 8' Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella

Khaki 8' Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella

Working in the sun? We've got you covered! Pipeliners Cloud's 8 Foot Khaki Umbrella has been tested to withstand UV rays and up to 60MPH winds. Perfect for pipeline welders, you can order the best welding umbrella on the market from Pipeliners Cloud today.



Product description

Why Our Cloud?

Welding outdoors means dealing with the elements, including heavy rain, blistering winds, and intense sunlight. By planting this khaki welding umbrella near your work station, you’ll be shielded from raindrops and UV rays, creating a more comfortable working environment. The Pipeliners Cloud 8 foot umbrella is made for welders, by welders under US Patent: D928,500. Nevertheless, you can also use these 8 foot patio umbrellas whenever you’re planning an outdoor gathering in your backyard.

Stay out of the sun with the Pipeliners Cloud Khaki Outdoor Umbrella!

The 8 Foot Khaki Umbrella includes an Extension Pole to extend the length and a Poly Storage Tube for safekeeping when not in use.

Premium Heavy-Duty Umbrella

Color: Khaki with signature black panel

Material: Steel Pole

Weight: 32lbs

Size: 57x7x7


Use our Slamma Jamma Umbrella Holder as your base (if used on surfaces excluding concrete and asphalt). An umbrella base is not included. Our Cloud can fit most Universal umbrella bases that accommodate 1 1/2" OD.

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