Welding Hood Fasteners - 12 Sided

Welding Hood Fasteners - 12 Sided

Welding Hood Fasteners - 12 Sided

Make sure that your welding hood stays securely in place with custom welding hood fasteners from Pipeliners Cloud. These high-quality designs are made of aluminum and are guaranteed never to strip out.



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*** Important: please note that these fasteners are only compatible with our 1.0 Pipeliners Hood Headgear or Fibermetal CR1 Headgear. 

These fasteners are NOT compatible with our 2.0 Pipeliners Cloud Headgear. 

 Protect your collarbone with Welding Hood Fasteners from Pipeliners Cloud. Say goodbye to those stripped-out plastic ones! Designed for welders who value both style and functionality, these fasteners keep your hood snug and secure without the hassle.

The 12-sided welding fasteners are engineered for efficiency without compromising precision. Simply lock in your fasteners and proceed with your welding tasks seamlessly.

Pipeliners Cloud metal welding hood fasteners come with:

  • Lifetime Guarantee- Not to strip out
  • Unique polished finish.

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