Welding Hood Fasteners- Lucky 7 Dice

Welding Hood Fasteners- Lucky 7 Dice
Welding Hood Fasteners- Lucky 7 Dice

Welding Hood Fasteners- Lucky 7 Dice

Feelin' Lucky? Save your collar bone and replace cheap, plastic fasteners (that strip out at the worst possible time) with these Welding Hood Fasteners. No more hoods slamming into your collar bone.



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*** Important: please note that these fasteners are only compatible with our 1.0 Pipeliners Hood Headgear or Fibermetal CR1 Headgear. 


These fasteners are NOT compatible with our 2.0 Pipeliners Cloud Headgear. 


Feelin' lucky? Shop for our new styles of aluminum welding hood fasteners. These fasteners ensure that the welding hood stays securely in place while you’re hard at work. Simply remove the standard plastic fasteners that come with most welding hoods and install the Lucky 7 Dice in their place. These beautiful custom welding hood fasteners come with a unique polished finish. Make sure that you have durable fasteners that help your welding hood fit comfortably and securely on your head. 

Cheap plastic fasteners are known to strip out at the most unfortunate times, so don’t roll the dice with lower quality. Shop for aluminum welding hood fasteners from Pipeliners Cloud today. We offer a lifetime guarantee that our product won’t strip out!

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