Uno Pancake Balsa Wood Box

Uno Pancake Balsa Wood Box

Uno Pancake Balsa Wood Box



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The first part to give out for most pancake welding hoods is the Balsa lens box. Order a replacement balsa wood box for your Uno Pancake welding hood when that time comes.


This balsa wood box acts as a replacement lens box for your Pancake welding hood from Pipeliners Cloud. This pancake welding hood will help improve visibility and protect your eyes while working. The Uno Pancake hood comes with a balsa wood box attachment, but over time it may become damaged. Luckily, with this replacement balsa box, you can continue to use your welding hood for years to come. This pancake welding hood part comes with the following: 

  • Compatible only with our UNO pancake
  • Foam stopper for lens box
  • Metal Retaining Clip 
  • Sand Paper

Order your balsa wood box from Pipeliners Cloud today!

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