Grey 10' Pipeliners Cloud Complete Shade System

Grey 10' Pipeliners Cloud Complete Shade System

We've got you covered! Pipeliners Cloud's patented 10' grey welding umbrella has been tested to withstand up to 40MPH winds. Get the Complete Shade System for the ultimate shaded experience for any job.


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Product description

We Got You Covered! With the Pipeliners Cloud grey outdoor umbrella shade system, you’ll be able to stay cool while working in the sun. Originally designed for pipeline welding, the applications for this grey umbrella extend to casual use as well. For example, you can also use Pipeliners Clouds as grey patio umbrellas or tailgating umbrellas during a hot day. This patio shade structure comes with several attachments.

Pipeliners Cloud Complete Shade System Includes:

  • 10' Lincoln Grey Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella
  • Extension Pole
  • Poly Storage Tube
  • Slamma Jamma Umbrella Holder

Why Our Clouds?

Pipeliners Cloud Umbrella is one of a kind with its US Patent: D928,500 to back it up. The 10’ umbrella in this patio shade structure has been tested to withstand 30 to 40MPH winds! This grey outdoor umbrella is not only for all tradesmen but also great for recreational use: at the beach, kids soccer games, tailgates, and picnics.

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