Cary Inspired Welding Cap "BLACK SUNDAY'S BEST"

Cary Inspired Welding Cap "BLACK SUNDAY'S BEST"



Product description

The black “SUNDAY'S BEST” Cary Inspired welding cap features high quality stitching that will provide an awesome fit day in and day out. Order your black welding cap today.


Introducing the black "SUNDAY'S BEST" Welding Cap by Pipeliners Cloud. These premium welding caps are expertly stitched, guaranteed to withstand the test of time. Crafted from 100% pre-shrunk cotton, our black Cary Inspired welding caps maintain their size even after multiple washes. When it comes to a personalized fit, size matters. That’s why these cool welding caps come in 12 different sizes, to ensure a snug and secure fit for welders of all sizes. Our premium welding caps use the Four-Panel design with lay-flat seams, which has been proven superior to the 6-panel design. 

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